Where to Wear Your Engagement and Wedding Rings

I came across with a blog entry about how to wear the wedding band and engagement ring, so the idea came  up, and I decided to write about it. 

I am wearing my engagement and wedding rings on my left ring finger. This derives from an ancient Roman belief that the left hand is closer to the heart.

However in some countries, such as Germany, the wedding ring is traditionally worn on the right ring finger, not the left.

My hand do not look so good in pictures! :))

My engagement ring comes first then followed by my wedding ring because my idea is that the wedding locks the engagement. 

By some means of reasoning, the wedding band should go on your finger first because it sits closest to your heart. However, whether or not to wear your engagement ring, and where to wear it, is an extremely personal choice.

How about you, wives? How do you wear them?


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