Toddler Stages: From Crawling to Walking

From the moment I gave birth to Jaja, I look forward to the day when she learns to crawl. And now that she does, the next thing is when she takes her first steps. 

However, most of us fail to anticipate the enormous effort and attention required to monitor a full-of-energy child. So let's find out how to get through this toddler stage and uphold our toddler's safety from the time of his wild crawling to the riveting moments of his wobbly walking:

My Crawling Toddler
Most babies learn to crawl around six to ten months of age. I saw Jaja trying to move forward on her 8th month by pushing-off with her knees. Around her 9th or 10th months, she gets the hang of it, and move around more steadily and quickly. 

Jaja's Safety when Crawling
Toddler safety should continue to be your top priority. To ensure toddler safety, make your child wear supportive knee pads. The pads will prevent his knees from scraping, bruising, or wounding while crawling on rough surfaces. If your toddler is keen to crawl on smooth floors, make him wear knee pads with traction beads. That way, your toddler will get the right traction he needs while crawling on slippery floors. Don’t forget to clear the path of any obtrusive clutter and sharp objects.

My Walking Toddler
Now, Jaja takes her first crucial steps. For me, it means that she will soon bid goodbye to infancy and move on to the next phase of budding independence. 

Jaja with Daddy

Jaja's Safety while Walking
The first steps will be wobbly and flimsy as expected. Thus, cushion everything around the house in case your child bumps on fixtures or tumbles on the floor. This would also be the time to provide your toddler with his own pair of shoes.

Encouraging toddler mobility with toddler toys
If your child isn’t crawling or walking yet don't force him/her to do so. Give him time to adopt the skill. What you can do is to encourage his confidence and become more mobile. You can give him toddler toys to encourage crawling or walking in your toddler. Toddler toys to help your child crawl include balls and moving cars. Your child will be stimulated to crawl as he chases after toddler toys that are mobile and strikingly colored. Once your child shows proficiency in crawling and standing up, toddler toys such as push and pull toys can promote walking in your toddler.

Every time your toddler makes a huge milestone, make sure you show how you appreciate his efforts. A warm embrace and an affectionate kiss are enough to shell out for his remarkable feat. 


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