Reasons NOT To Share Your Kids' Pictures Online

I share pictures of my kids online. A lot. Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, etc my kids are all over it. They’re cute as all get out! How could I resist?

However, there are quite a few parents out there with equally cute kids who feel and do the complete opposite.

I may be na├»ve, but I rather like that idea. I love to be able to look back on my children’s short lives with just a few clicks. I love sharing their photos, the funny things they say and their milestones with friends and relatives near and far.
According to BabyCenter members, here are 5 reasons NOT to share pictures of your kids online:
  1. Lack of privacy  – I understand desiring privacy, but how is a photo of my child online any different than the scores of people who see them in person on a regular basis?
  2. Once something is on the internet, it’s there forever.  ­– This disturbs some, but it intrigues me. Hundreds of years from now, an archaeologist may find my Instagram account and know that my child was here! They’ll use the photos to piece together what life was like in the twenty-teens. It’s like a digital cave painting!
  3. It’s dangerous. People can do bad things with the pictures. – Of course protecting children from predators should be a concern to all parents. However, predators are more likely to target children they know and who trust them, not seek to harm children they have only seen on the Internet.
  4. If someone wants to see my child, they can ask for a good time to stop by.  This may be true for some, but not for all. Not everyone lives close enough to family and friends for frequent visits.
  5. Personal preference. – This is the only one I can’t refute. I can easily accept the fact that not everyone is as into social media as I am. Different strokes for different folks, as the old saying goes.
How do you feel about pictures of your children online? Do you have any rules about photos of your kids on the Internet? 


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