My Kids' Friends

I do not choose my kids' friends. What I mean is they have the liberty to choose their own friends; someone they can play with, can do their assignments/homeworks with, and someone they can share their sweet-nothings. 

My eldest on the most right.

My eldest, Alvynne, has the most number of friends since she joined our church's choir. She even has a circle of friends wherein every Saturday afternoon, they gather together and have snack; they contribute 5 pesos to buy for their snack and just sit in front of our house and talk. 

It's not that I am not concerned after-all, I am just happy to see that my kids are getting older now that they have other people to share their time with aside from me and Dad. However, one day, my eldest came home with a sad face. I asked her, "What's wrong?". Then she said, one of her friends make fun of her because of her hair..."They called me Dora, Moms". I got upset because my eldest is sad and maybe this might have an impact on her self esteem. But I made her understand that we can't please everybody, and we can't expect all of her friends will like her. I told her that she's beautiful just the way she is. Then, I suggest to talk her friends and ask why they have done that. Then, if continue, maybe it's time to let them go...

It's really sad to know that some upsets my kids, however, I want my kids to experience the real world; the happiness with friends and even the heartache. They may not understand the reason why now but I know when they reach the time to face the cruelty of this "real world", they'll be equipped with the strength and wisdom to face them all. 

How about you mommies, do you choose your kids' friends? 


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