My 5 Baon Dilemnas Solved

What to pack for our kids' lunch is another challenge for us moms. 

Simple as the task may seem, but it’s not always easy to plan the menu, especially when the odds are against you: 
  • What if your child only wants fried chicken everyday? 
  • What do you do when his lunch break is so short he doesn’t have time to finish his baon? 
  • How do you satisfy a child with a sweet tooth and still serve a healthy snack? 
However, these yummy recipes from got us covered:

Chicken Caesar Salad Wraps

My dilemma: I love the idea of sending my kids ulam and rice, but they always ends up making a mess when he eats.
Solution: Prepare a mess-free, nutritious meal with this wrap.
Health note: This meal is healthy in every way – the chicken is roasted, not fried; it uses a light dressing, and one of the main ingredients is a veggie.

Chicken with Spinach and Cream Cheese Stuffing

Your dilemma: I learned new veggie dishes to make my kids' baon healthy but they always leaves out the veggies. 
Solution: Wrap veggies in delicious cream cheese! 
Health note: Spinach is rich in fiber, among other nutrients, which may help prevent constipation. 

Fondue Bento

My dilemma: I don't want to deprive my kids of their favorite - chocolates - but often, that's all they want to bring to school! 
Solution: Let them have their chocolate, but pair it with fresh fruits 
Health note: Give your child his daily dose of Vitamin C naturally with the citrus fruits you pack in his lunch bag.

Hoisin Beef Tenderloin and Lychee Stir-Fry

My dilemma: My kids love to eat, but then they like everything sweet – even their ulam. 
Solution: Give your favorite recipe a fruity twist. 
Health note: Lychee is rich in oligonol, a polyphenol that has active anti-influenza virus actions. 

Get the recipe from

Mini Meatball Sub

My dilemma: I’d like to introduce my kids to sandwiches, but they won’t touch them. 
Solution: Turn their favorite pasta dish into a sandwich. 
Health note: Bread is a good source of protein. To get more out of your bread, use the whole grain variety to aid digestion.
Get the recipe from


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