High Schooler Fakes Pregnancy

It all began with an uploaded doctor’s note tagged to some of her friends on Facebook that announced the news of her pregnancy. Like a wildfire, rumors and judgement rampantly spread about the pregnancy of Maria Miranda, senior at Forest Grove High School in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Miranda, an aspiring ultrasound technician, endured the judgment, the whispering and the stares until her project in early April when she revealed her secret and shared with her class her observations, which included notes from four of her closest friends and high school teachers who were asked to observe what others were saying about her.
Miranda is quoted, “My project taught me so much about judgment, about judging others and being judged myself.  It completely changed my school year.”
I was overwhelmed with pride for this brave 17-year-old girl. High school is hard enough, but to willingly put yourself in the face of judgment and gossiping from your peers and never give up the act—that is heroic just knowing the end result could save others from being judged and even making judgments.
Bravo, Maria, Bravo!
Have you experienced judgment and stereotyping because of your pregnancy?

Source: Baby Center


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