Eggs May Help Lower Blood Pressure, Says Study

A certain peptide in egg whites may help keep your blood pressure normal.

Do you feel that you're about to  have a very stressful day? You may want to cook yourself a sunny side up for breakfast, as a study published on The Huffington Post says that eggs–specifically egg whites--may help lower blood pressure as effectively as common medications. 

Researchers from the Clemson University in the US led by Zhipeng Yu, Ph.D. conducted laboratory tests and found that a certain compound in eggs can do wonders for one’s blood pressure. “We have evidence from the laboratory that a substance in egg white–it’s a peptide, one of the building blocks of proteins–reduces blood pressure about as much as a low dose of Captopril, a high-blood-pressure drug.”

The peptide, known as RVPSL, has been previously proven to slow down and prevent the production of a certain enzyme that causes blood pressure to rise. The effect of RVPSL increases in high temperatures, meaning eggs cooked in high heat may be more beneficial to one’s health. However, further testing and a peer review are still needed to cement this new finding.

For the time being, there’s no harm in enjoying a good egg for breakfast. Combined with proper medication and monitoring, a daily dose of egg whites may be able to keep your blood sugar levels normal. 

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Growing Up Madison said...

My mother suffers from hypertension, I am going to tell her about this new study. I myself I love eggs but I love the yolk of the egg, I just can't do egg whites. :) Thanks for sharing.

Mira Delos Reyes said...

you're always welcome!

Peta-Gaye Drummond said...

Who knew? I just loved them because they tasted Thanks for the info

Mira Delos Reyes said...

you're welcome. thanks for dropping by.

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