Controlling Grandparents

Since I am a full-time work away from home mom, my mom takes care of my kids and I really appreciate it. However, sometimes, maybe because my mom got attached too much with my kids, she always have to say something about everything I do for my kids. 


One day, while we're eating our lunch, my second said, "Mom, busog na po ako". (Mom, I am full.) Even if she only had about 3 spoons of her food. Then, I replied, "Ubusin mo yang pagkain mo. Next time, 'wag kang kukuha ng hindi mo kayang ubusin." (Finish your food. Next time, don't get too much that you can't consume.) But my mom but-in and said, "Bakit pinipilit mo yung bata na ubusing yung pagkain nya kung hindi na nya kaya?" (Why you're orcing your kid to finish her food?)

I decided to keep quite, but I really wanted to say, "Mama, pwede bang 'wag mo akong sawayin sa harap ng mga anak ko?" (Mama, please don't argue with me in front of my kids?" Of course, I respect my mom and I don't want her to feel unrespected in front of my kids like what she did to me. So I continue eating my food and finish lunch without saying a word. And, maybe my second understood me, she also finished her lunch without talking. 

My Resolution
After lunch, I talked to my mom in private. I explained my reason why I asked my second to finish her lunch. And fortunately, my mom understood me. She promised not to say anything against what I say to my kids, in-front of my kids. And, if she wants to say something against me, she'll talk to me first. 

What happy ending right? There was a saying that there's no problem can't be solved over a cup of coffee. Though, we're not drinking coffee at the time when my mom and I have a heart-to-heart talk, I think the issue has been resolved because we talked about it, compromised, and love each other. And that's the bottom line. 


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