COB Peeps First Starbeks Session

Last July 10, after shift, Lyn, the girl in red jacket below invited me to come with them to Starbucks. 

with Lyn and Marc

I am planning to go straight home but I really can't say "no" to Lyn because she said that it's her first time to go to Starbucks. I also don't have money at that time but she volunteered to pay for it then I'll just pay later. So tell me, how can I say "no"?

Nikki, Darren, Jei, and Lyn

They'll be my new COB Family. And, I am looking forward to create memories with them. Although I miss my RDC family very much, I need to accept the fact now that we're now heading different ways...and I need to move on. But of course, they'll always have a big space in my heart. 

Ooops! I am getting emotional. Moving forward...

To make our session sweeter, Jei bought these:

Maybe you're wondering what we we do during our stay?'s a non-stop gossip and laugh! We talked about our classmates, but I won't dish-it-out here (of course!). I'll create a World War III. ;)


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