A Tip On How To Get Your Kids Eat Veggies

Getting my kids to eat vegetables is a monumental task. This is why I am finding ways so it doesn't always have to be that way. 

Science Daily reports that there is a simpler and more effective solution to get kids to eat vegetables by making them understand how eating their greens can make the body healthier.  

Psychological scientists from Stanford University tested how well the conceptual strategy works by developing five storybooks that revolve around proper nutrition, diet, and digestion. Several preschool classes were asked to read the books during recess for three months, while another set of classes had snack time as usual.

The results showed that students who read the books, doubled their vegetable consumption as compared with those who didn't. They also became more knowledgeable and interested about different nutrient and bodily functions. 

"Children have natural curiosity--they want to understand why and how things work,” researchers explain.

With these findings, thinking of complicated schemes to make kids eat their veggies may be unnecessary. All you need is a proper and creative explanation to push your little ones in the right and healthy direction.

Photo by Zhao ! via Flickr Creative Commons  


Growing Up Madison said...

I don't think there's anything that I can do to make my kids eat veggies and I've tried almost everything. The baby is ok but the older ones, forget about it! :)

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