To My "real" RDC Family

It just sink-in today, we're now leaving separate I've decided to create this post. 

I would like to thank God for being part of this family. I am so grateful to found "real" friends who accepted me for who I am and loved me all the way even I am faulty sometimes. I would like to thank my so-called friends for helping me to the best they can when I am in my most-down moment. I will forever treasure the memories we've shared. 

There were times that I really don't want to come to work, but because of you guys (mga bebes) you always make my day feel good and make me feel "it's ok!" Thank you for always listening to my rants, most especially, when my day is not going well. 

I will forever remember the times we go out-of-town, we ate breakfast (almost everyday dati!), our chit-chats (tsismisan) even though I can't even share or comment because it seems all of you don't have enough time to tell your stories, and the latest---our make-up sessions. 

I've learned a lot of things, suffered so much heartaches, and gained friends that I'll be grateful forever!

I know it's not the is actually a new beginning for us. I wish you all the best. We'll all still see each other, maybe we can go out-of-town or whatever. I'll miss you, mga bebes! I promise that I'll still be your bebe and ate mira until the day I die. Love you, guys! (you know who you are!)

Much love, 


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