SY 2013- 2014 First Day of School

Hello, mommies! How's your weekend? I just dropped by to tell you what happened today, first day of school. 

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to take pictures because I am very much occupied. It's Antoinelle's (second) first day in a big school, she's Grade 1, and Alvynne (eldest) as a transferred enrollee. 

First, I accompany my second to her respective line for their flag ceremony. Afterwards, parents were asked to stay at the side of the school ground for their flag ceremony. It's funny because when they're about to sing the national anthem, she put her left hand on her chest (which should be the right hand). I smiled and really tempted to go to her line to correct her but I didn't do it. I realized that she's a big girl now and she can she can learn it on her own. Then, after she saw everyone is using their right hand, she got this surprised look and immediately change her position. 

After their flag ceremony, the principal allowed us to stay outside their classroom to see our kids on their first day. And, here comes that usual Antoinelle, they were asked to write their names... but do you want to know what she did? She's looking at her seat mate to see if she's already writing before she brings out her pencil and paper, she even asked her seat mate to tear the plastic cover of her eraser (too bossy). However, when I saw that she started to write, I left her and went to my eldest and Dad for her enrollment. 

We went to the Guidance office to enroll my eldest. Mr. Pangilinan, who assists us for enrollment, asked some basic questions like "why are we transferring her", etc. Then, she was asked to read. I am so proud because my eldest reads fast. Mr. Pangilinan first asked her to read some children's book, and he was not satisfied, he even asked my eldest to read that book he's reading. Then, he said, "very good!", "your child is very good!". I smiled because he can't find words for my eldest aside from "Very Good!". 

Then, we were endorsed to the Grade 3 chairman. She seems very busy, and I understand her. She asked us to leave my eldest for another evaluation, and she'll be the one to endorse her to her adviser. So, Daddy and I decided to leave her.

Before leaving the school, we visited my second again, just to find out what she's doing...and, she still writes. I feel sorry because she has the longest name among my three daughters, but I know she can make it! 

Learning of the Day:
1. Bring pen and paper, or cellphone. Because of my first day jitter, I forgot to bring a pen and paper, even my cellphone! So, I asked my eldest one sheet of paper and her pencil for my note taking. 
2. If you're enrolling a transfer, bring their card, birth certificate, and good moral certificate from her previous school. I asked my mother-in-law if she can ask for good moral on my eldest previous school, however, the school informed her that if the child is from Grade 3 and below, it does not require a good moral certificate. We're still on debate on this. If her current school demands the certificate, I will personally go the previous school and get it myself. 
3. Ask your child to practice writing their names a weeks before school starts. I didn't anticipate this. When my second arrived home, I immediately checked her pad to see what they've done in school. And, guess what, this what I found out:

She misspelled the first part of her last name! It is supposed to be "Delos". So, after we ate lunch, I asked her to write her name while watching Eat Bulaga. Then, she can take her nap. 

This what happened today. It might be really tiring from preparing them for school in the morning and picking them up in the afternoon, but as a mom, learning your kids enjoyed their first day in school, you feel fulfilled. 

How about you? How's your first day of school went?


the budget fashion seeker said...

my youngest sister is already in Grade 4. I can't wait to ask her about her first week this weekend :)

Mira Delos Reyes said...

I hope that she's having a great time on her first week in school like my kids do!

Ann Jones said...

The first week of school is always so busy! That's great that your oldest is such a great reader :)

Mira Delos Reyes said...

I am really proud, most especially I am a working mom, and I don't have much time to spend to teach my kids! Thank you for visiting, Ann!

Jocris Mangubat said...

I can understand the feeling of your Mira, you know what I felt guilty for
not able to teach Ivy.I'm a working mom too.

Chew On This said...

congrats sis! It is truly an accomplishment when we are able to send our kids to school.

Mira Delos Reyes said...

so sa, eh? well, we can only do so much...

Mira Delos Reyes said...

I agree, it's our responsibility to have our children educated! ;)

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