Quick and Sneaky De-Stressing Tips for Moms

Don't have time to go to the spa? Check out these practical de-stressing tips.

Need to take a break, but don’t have the luxury of time? You’re not the only mom who has that problem. Until you can file for an extended leave or book a major spa date at your favorite branch, these tips can help you hold out.  

1. Listen to instrumental music on your way to work. 

Bach or Debussy? Ocean waves or forest breeze? Create a playlist of relaxing music to listen to during your daily commute. It’s a great way to tune out unnecessary noise, and uplift your spirits as well. 

2. Bring your soft bathroom slippers with you.

Your usual work pumps might make your legs look great, but you have to admit that they can be pretty painful. Save the tiis ganda factor for when you have to meet with a client or talk to your boss, and give your toes some wriggle room when you’re in your cubicle. 

3. Catch highlights of your favorite funny shows via YouTube. 

Laughter is good for the soul. According to an article on The Huffington Post, it’s a highly effective de-stresser. But seeing as you probably don’t have the luxury of sitting through an entire season of Saturday Night Live or The Big Bang Theory at home, we suggest you get your funny fix online instead. 15 minutes of Sheldon Cooper monologues should do the trick. 

4. Admire famous paintings online.  

Monet’s landscapes, Da Vinci’s mysterious smiles, Vermeer’s depictions of everyday life –looking at these works of art can help you forget your personal or professional problems. 

5. Get your husband to massage you before bed.

Invoke your wifey and mommy rights, and demand a full-on massage from your husband right before you go to bed. If he’s any good (and he will be with enough practice), you’ll drift off to a relaxing restive state, and wake up feeling rejuvenated the next day.


blackshirt13 said...

I have a playlist of "chill" music that I listen to when I want to relax and unwind. :)

Mira Delos Reyes said...

Thank you for sharing your de-stressing tip!

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