Preparations for Sending your Kids to School on a Rainy Day

For the past two nights, over the weekend, it's been raining. And, since school days started, I need to prepare my eldest and second for school on rainy days. 

Our kids, definitely, will love the rain season, but with all the jubilant moments, the rainy season also accompanies with it humid weather, flooded roads, mosquitoes, and different types of diseases, etc. With a little care and precaution you can let your kids enjoy this beautiful season and also keep them safe from diseases. 

It is in reality disappointing for the parents when their child is getting ready for the school and its pouring outside. A well prepared mom can save the day and ease the first-day jitters by offering the perfect raincoat or an umbrella before sending the child off to school. But in order to be prepared, you must plan ahead. In order to keep your children safe and healthy during the rainy season you must follow certain quick remedies. Parents having small children are required to be extra-careful during rainy season to prevent any such disease or disorder.

Cold and flu are the most common diseases occurring in this season. Whenever you go out in the rainy season ensure to carry the rain coat or an umbrella along with you and for both you and your child, it will save you both, from the rain. If you are not carrying any raincoat or umbrella try to find out a shelter as soon as it starts pouring which can save you and your child from getting wet. But it is advisable to buy a raincoat for your children before the monsoon season. You should also keep in mind a certain things before buying the rain coat for your child:
  • Try to buy matching sets. Nowadays raincoats come with matching rain boots and umbrellas to make your children completely waterproof.
  • Buy a size that will fit your child in the coming few years. Children grow every year so you should buy raincoats at least a little bit big in size, from what they are wearing now so that it can be used in next year as well.
  • Let your children try it on. You children will wear this coat at recess and on the playground, so make sure they can easily wear it on their selves and can move and play, otherwise they won’t put it on as it will deter them to play, move and walk.

Besides the above a few more things should also be kept in mind while sending kids to school on a rainy day:
  • If possible first put their books in a plastic bag then keep it in their school bag, it will keep their books dry and safe.
  • Make sure your kids carry handkerchief with them so that they can wipe the water on their hands while touching books and other things once they reach into classroom.
  • Tell your children about the hazards of getting wet in rain so they should not leave their classrooms during rain.
  • Pack a healthy lunch in for their mid-day meal in a vacuum tight container so that it won’t get affected due to moisture and they will eat it properly in their lunch box.
  • If possible give them boiled water after cooling in their water bottles so they won’t drink water from taps connected to tanks which might get bacteria in the rainy season.
  • As soon as your children come back home from school in the rainy season try to bathe them in lukewarm water with a good antiseptic solution like dettol or savlon, which reduces the chances of germs affecting their skin.
  • In the rainy season try to keep children inside home and give them lots of fun learning toys, games, books, art & craft sets, Do-It-Yourself Kits etc., which can keep them engaged and render non-stop fun and knowledge throughout the season.
Following the above measures will possibly keep your kids healthy in the rainy season and they can also enjoy the season very much.


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