My Great Read For Rainy Days

The rainy season's upon us! Stay warm and cozy indoors with a great read. Take this quiz from Female Network to find out which novel suits you best. 

Here's my quiz' result:

Female Network recommended to read HOME BY MARILYNNE ROBINSON!

Written by Pulitzer-Prize winner Marilynne Robinson, Home talks about family ties, faith, and forgiveness, among other things. The novel revolves around the Boughton family, as 38-year-old Glory Boughton comes home to take care of her sick father. Tensions rise when the family favorite/black sheep arrives to also tend to heir dying dad, forcing the individual family members come to terms with their inner demons.

This read would be perfect for a family person like you. A happy homebody, you look forward to look weekends spent at home, in the company of your loved ones. Block off your entire weekend for this read--its central theme will certainly tug at your heartstrings.

Nothing beats staying indoors with a warm drinks and a good read on a rainy day. Now that the weather is unpredictably crazier than ever (what's with the morning gray skies and heavy downpour just right after office hours?), opt to stay home instead of going about your usual plans. In fact, why don't you set aside an entire weekend this rainy season and cuddle up with a good read? Take this quiz to find out which book should you go for!


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