Daily Deals: 70% OFF Fish Spa + Foot Spa for P225 instead of P750


  • Indulge with a 90-minute procedure of Fish Spa + Foot Spa
  • Doctor Pisces Fish Spa offers Fish Spa Service with guaranteed original Garra Rufa (Turkey Wild Breed)
  • Helps in the regeneration of the human skin through a natural and fun way using the Original Doctor Fish known as Garra Rufaa
  • These Doctor Fishes (Garra Rufa) nibble on skin for 30 min., removing dead skin cells through natural exfoliation 
  • They have found that these tiny fishes secrete an enzyme called diathanol which is said to improve skin regeneration
  • Gives you a relaxing and pleasant feeling
  • Helps release stress and muscle tension
  • Enjoy a 60 min. Foot Spa treatment and choose between Lavender Mint Delight Foot Spa, Icy Mint Foot Spa or Sea Salt Callous Buster Foot Spa
  • Lavender Mint Delight Foot Spa: An infusion of fresh lavender and peppermint essential oils invite your feet on a soothing journey of total relaxation
  • Icy Mint Foot Spa: A refreshing peppermint soak soothes your achy feet before trimming, buffering, and shaping
  • Sea Salt Callous Buster Foot Spa: A soothing rejuvenating touch of the sea to your feet
  • Get additional 20% OFF when availing Body massage or Body scrub

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the budget fashion seeker said...

I've never tried this kind of spa. Okay ba siya sis?

Mira Delos Reyes said...

I tried it once when we went on our summer outing. The first feel was "nakakakiliti" until you used to it. Though don't expect na mawawala talaga calluses mo, I think you need to stay longer if you want to achieve callus-free feet, but I can say, It's relaxing.

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