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Hello, Mommies! I am not feeling well right now. It's our second week in CST (Client Specific Training), and our trainer decided to switched training room, from Bohol to Boracay. 

Boracay training room has a very cold temperature, aside from the fact that I was seated just right below the aircon.  So right now, I am suffering a bad cold. I am a bit concern because we will be taking calls on Friday. So, I need to cure this cold as soon as possible. 

Here are some steps on how to cure a cold fast from Wikihow:

1. Make sure your house is all warm and cozy. It will make you feel so much better, but if it is too hot it can just make you sicker.

2. Blow your nose. This is the best way to get rid of all the mucus and it lets you breath through your nose.

3. Have a steamy shower. A steamy shower helps stuffy or irritated noses as well as relieving your scratchy throat, stuffy nose, and itchy eyes.

4. Have a hot drink. A nice, soothing, hot drink will help stop nasty sore throats and coughs. Or cough sweets will help as well.

5. Rest and sleep. A power nap can be a wonderful way of making you feel better. If you are rushing somewhere just try to stay calm and listen to some music or read.

6. Get out of bed. If you had a rest, get out of bed and change into your freshest clothes.

7. De-stress. Nothing makes a cold worse than stress. Don't rush to get anywhere. Take your time and get all the nerves and stress out.

8. Eat a healthy snack. A simple piece of fruit can completely change you around for sickly to happy and well.

More tips to make you feel you better while suffering with colds:

1. Drinking lots of water helps. Stay away from sugar-filled snacks and stuff like that. Also, only take cough drops if you're out somewhere and don't wanna cough all over someone... coughing actually helps you recover, and breaks up the gunk in your throat and chest. Rest and get well soon!!

2. When you are going somewhere take a small packet of tissues with you.

3. If the area around your nose is feeling irritated from all the nose-blowing, apply some rash-cream or moisturizer.

4. Take a few cough drops wherever you go. But, don't drink too much cough syrup as it can make you drowsy.

'Hope these tips will help you, maybe not now but in the future. And, I hope I feel better tonight before coming to work. 


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