A Late Post: Happy Father's Day!

I've been very busy this past few days because of my first-week of training at work, sending kids to school, house chores, and etc. This is why I haven't got much time to update you guys. 

Anyway, I just dropped by today to write something about Father's Day, especially to my Papa. I have written something before about fathers and you may read it here, however, I want this post to be dedicated for him. 

You may ask why? Just a quick preview, he's no longer with us. He left to be with God on June 19, 2011. Do you remember when we celebrated Father's Day in 2011? Yes, it was June 19 so Father's Day is really memorable for me and I declare that this day would be solely for my Papa. 

A Letter for Papa:

Dear Papa, 
Words are not enough to say "Thank you", but here's some reasons why I am so thankful to have you: 

Thank you for making the sacrifice of working abroad just so my siblings and I have much better education. Thank you so much for welcoming back with open arms even after I disobeyed you and got myself to be a young mom at 20. Thank you for teaching me everything that you know. Thank you for being strong. This pushes me to become better and always aim for the best. 

"If I could get another chance, another walk, another dance with you, I'd play a song that would never ever end. How I'd love love love to dance with my father again..."


Here's our last family picture taken with him before he passed away, Christmas 2010:

And, our last Holy Week get-away with him, April 2011:

I miss you, Papa. We know that we'll see each other again. 

I just felt crying right now because  he haven't got the chance to meet, Jaja, my youngest. And, he missed a lot of my kids' milestone. He was not a perfect father, but I can can say that he was a perfect grandfather to my kids. 

I will never forget the first day he saw my eldest at the hospital and said, "Welcome to the family!" It broke my heart and at that very special moment, I know that my kids will be loved.

Happy father's day, Papa, and to all fathers in the whole wide world. 'Have a great one!


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