Updated:I am Bothered

Hello, mums! Sorry if I took a long time to update you what have been bothering me last week. 

What happened was: I've learned that my supervisor endorsed to me for DEF (termination).  At that time, I can't explain what I am feeling... I have a lot of questions, however, I kept silent (and as if nothing happened)and wait for the day that my supervisor will ask to go on a meeting to discuss it. 

A week has passed, and good news: it was never served! When my supervisor asked for my senior manager to comment for my DEF, (I don't know what my manager replied), but, again, it was never served.

Maybe it's because that the account I am working with (by the working in a BPO, in layman's term: call center) will be dissolved, or should I say: have been dissolved.

Honestly, I don't want to talk about it, or even ask for answers, I am quite happy now that it has not been served and I can still work with my current company. 

Since I've mentioned that my current has been dissolved, I am now more focus on my interviews for my new account. I am asking for your prayers so I may find an account for me as soon as possible. 

Before I go, I want to thank those people who makes me strong and make me forget that I'm not in a position to laugh, these people who I call "friends"... Once again, THANK YOU, MGA BEBEsss....



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