Taming The Before-School Tantrum

Do you have kids who throw terrible tantrum every morning about getting ready for school? My answer is Yes! No matter how lovingly I start waking her up, she ignores me. Even though I’m polite, it always ends in tears and scolding and a lot of screaming, after which she promptly jumps out to go to school when her sundo arrives.

The first thing I consider is if she is getting enough sleep at night. If she has trouble settling down, I make sure to avoid giving her sugar or caffeine after 3PM.

At some point children need to learn the consequences of getting up late. I remember one morning I only gave the wake up call once.  Of course, my sleepy one stayed in bed. When she finally got up because we were making noise and had the lights on, she realized that she was going to be late for a class trip. I’ve never seen her get ready so quickly.

Second, I pick a day when my daughter might miss a big event and just let her feel what it’s like to be late for something fun. This isn’t a full on fix for the problem, but she will realize the consequences of being late.

Another approach is to make her late for a birthday party with your own lollygagging. Let her see what its like to be held up by someone else’s procrastination. When she complains you can have the fun of pointing out the obvious.

As she gets older, make it her responsibility to get herself up and dressed in the morning. She will soon realize that being late for school has a huge downside – being marked tardy (3 tardies equals an unexcused absence in our school) and missing the social time before class starts.
Some kids are natural born night owls and really struggle to adapt to a conventional schedule. But adapt they must so keep trying!


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