Study: Mom's Saliva May Prevent Kids’ Eczema and Asthma

Have you ever cleaned your kid’s pacifier by sucking on it? A new study in Pediatrics found that it just might help prevent your little one from developing allergies.

Researchers at Queen Silvia Children's Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden studied over 180 babies. They found that infants whose parent cleaned their pacifiers by sucking on them were much less likely to develop asthma and eczema by 18 months than babies whose mom or dad didn’t use the method.  Eczema, but not asthma, continued at the lower rates for these tots at 36 months.

"The most exciting result was the eczema," Christine Johnson, chair of the public health department at Detroit's Henry Ford Hospital, told NBC News.  "I'm a bit more skeptical about the asthma findings because asthma is hard to measure before a child is five or six years old."



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