Raising a Good Kid: How Much Control Do We Have?

It seems lately that every time I turn on the computer, another awful thing has happened.  (I haven’t watched the news since before my kids were born.)  It can be incredibly overwhelming.

More often than not, I find my mind wandering to the fact that these people -the ones who bully, steal, rape, kill – are someone’s children.  There was a time when they were sweet faced with chubby cheeks, asking for their mama to give them one more turn on the swing, the slide or some other activity on the playground.  They ran around in their diaper, smiled at strangers and played make-believe games with their friends, siblings or classmates.

Then what happened?

For most criminals, we’ll never really know and that’s what scares me.  No one thinks there little one will grow up to be a not so nice person.

So my question is this – is there any way to ensure we raise a “good” kid?

I’ve thought about this before, several years ago, before my daughter was even born. Now, with three kids, I find myself thinking about it so much more.  It starts as my mind wanders to questions like “What will he be like when he’s a teenager?  Will she like to dance and act like her mommy or will she be more athletic like her dad?”  Those thoughts can quickly change to “Oh, please let them be nice kids. Please. Please. Please.”

Of course, I truly do believe that they’ll be good kids.  My husband and I are doing our very best to ensure they are respectful of others, have good manners, and generally nice people.  It’s something you have to reiterate from the time they are small until they are out of your home.

I came across a great article from last year that talks about things to emphasize or consider as you’re raising your kids. It talks about making sure you still have fun with your family even in the midst of trying to teach valuable life lessons.

We all want this.  We want sweet, polite, smart, wonderful children who turn into sweet, polite, smart, wonderful adults.

I hope with all my heart that we all get what we want.

Source: Baby Center


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