Preparing for an Interview

This is the worst part of being unemployed. Well, I am not literally out of job, our account has been pulled-out so we need to be transferred to different accounts. 

Part of being accepted to other account, you need to undergo different kinds of interview. And, this is what I am preparing for right now. 

In the call center industry, one of the most challenging issues is handling different customers – irate customers, offensive customers and defensive customers.
Therefore, the call center job interview will focus on your experience/skill in handling all kinds of callers.

The employer desires to hire employees who can demonstrate basic call center skills for their demanding customer base.
Preparing and practicing your answers to possible interview questions is a key for passing this upcoming call center interview.

This tips provides call center job interview questions, answers and interview tips from Call Center Interview Site.

Common call center entry level interview questions
  • What are the main objectives of Call Centers and Customer Service employees?
  • How would you maintain customer satisfaction when dealing with an annoyed client?
  • What is the procedure to be followed when speaking with a customer?
  • What are your computer skills?
Answering these questions: 
Questions posed in an interview for a call center will not only rely on experience but also the way one support a customer.
Therefore, the answers should highlight the main goal of a call center, which is to keep the customer satisfied.

Behavioral based interview questions and answer
There is no job interview without competency based questions.
Standard questions during a job interview for a call center will focus on the way one handles tough customers (or offensive customer) complaints.
Your answers will enable the interviewer to evaluate your customer service competencies:

  • How do you handle an offensive customer? Have you ever experienced a call from a very angry customer? Can you describe the situation and outcome? Has a customer ever asked for your supervisor?
  • What if the customer does not understand your advice? If you have a caller who has trouble understanding your directions, what would you do?
  • Have you ever disconnected a call from an angry customer because you were upset or offended?
  • Have you ever not been able to help a customer? Can you please explain?
  • Can you give an example of when you went the extra mile for a customer?
  • What would you do when you cannot help a customer?
  • Have you ever joined with a team member or asked for assistance from a team member to help a customer?
Tips on answering these behavioral questions: 
Short stories of past calls will be expected as well as some possible role playing scenarios.
Your answers to these behavioral questions will demonstrate the way you respond to stressful situations.
Focus on your most positive outcomes during the worst situations. If you have some interesting calls that did not finish positively, you can relate one, and emphasize what you learned from it. Begin and end with the positive or complimentary examples..

As you respond to these job interview questions, explain how your call center skills allow you to handle tough situations.
For example, you would like the customer to give you some insight into the product’s bugs/problems so that you can increase the service level. First defuse the customer’s anger by listening. Show that you heard by repeating the problem back, using different wording, and getting a “yes – that is the problem” response. Thaw will place your customer on the  “yes” track and off the “no” mindset. Then present solutions.

Hope the tips above will help you. Well, it actually focuses in a call center industry since I currently working in the industry, but somehow, I know that a lot of mommies will learn from this. 

Right now, I am just asking for prayers for wisdom. I've never done an interview for 4 years now so I am also asking a lot of Good Luck!!!



Michelle Elrod said...

I'm currently a sahm, but these are some great tips if I ever decide to enter the workplace. Interviews have always made me super nervous.

Thanks for sharing and for visiting my blog. I'm following you via GFC.

Mira Delos Reyes said...

I was scheduled for an interview this coming wednesday. And, I am having interview jitters as early as now.

Thank you for visiting!

Venus V said...

Advice from an interviewer here -- always give truthful answers. :)

Mira Delos Reyes said...

I agree! And, answer each questions by heart! :p

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