News: Oklahoma Mom Endures Labor as Tornado Destroys Hospital

The tornado that touched down in the city of Moore, Oklahoma this week left utter devastation in its path. As the violent wind outside crumbled buildings and flattened homes, 25-year-old mom Shayla Taylor lay in a hospital bed in the midst of active labor.

Shayla was dilated to nearly 9 centimeters as the tornado barreled its way directly toward the Moore Medical Center. The room “shook like an earthquake,” she recalls, and ceiling tiles dropped to the ground. “We were all just sitting there holding each other’s hands and praying.”

The building found itself in the eye of the storm, its roof and walls ripped open by the tornado that left an entire town destroyed: “All of a sudden I could see daylight and the wall was gone,” says Shayla, who is also mom to 4-year-old son Shaiden. “I look out and I see I-35 and part of the Warren theater.”

Staff at the Moore Medical Center gave her a shot in hopes of slowing her labor so that she could be carefully transferred to another hospital nearby. It was there that Shayla and her husband Jerome Taylor welcomed their second son, Braeden Immanuel, who ended up being born via c-section at 8lbs 3oz.

“His middle name means ‘God is with us,’” the mom-of-two reveals. “The name had been picked out for months. Now I know why.”

Though the couple have no idea where their car ended up – it had been parked outside the hospital the last time they saw it – their home is thankfully intact.

Living in “Tornado Alley,” Shayla says she’s gotten used to the storms that pass through, but admits that this experience has left her rattled: “The tornadoes always track through here. It’s not to say everybody’s going to pack and leave tomorrow, but they start to reconsider things.”

Talk about a birth story for the ages. It’s sometimes easy to forget that in the midst of complete chaos – earthquakes and tsunamis, tornadoes and war zones – babies are being born. Though it must be absolutely terrifying, it also seems a small symbol of hope, a reminder that life marches on even in the face of such destruction.

A big congratulations to the Taylor family on their new addition.

Source: Baby Center


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