My Very First Post

Hi, mommies! I am a 20-something spoiled wife and a mom of three Rosels namely: Alvynne Rosel, Antionelle Rosel, and Alodia Rosel.  

I am currently working in a BPM industry as a Customer Care Representative for a Canadian magazine.

I love reading blogs about motherhood.  This is why I've decided to create one.  In addition, I want you (my readers) to feel the anger, frustrations, passions, or enthusiasm I feel and the commitment I have to my blogging efforts.

What I'll be blogging about?  This blog will be my personal online diary; rants and raves, perks and perils, of a wife and being a working mom. 

Commenting and suggestions are highly appreciated.  I encourage you (my dear readers) to leave notes, disagree, or even criticize.  Feel free to do so by leaving footprints on the comment box. 



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