Jaja's Measles Vaccine

Hello Mummies. Today, right after work, Dad and I went to our local health center for Jaja's Measles vaccine.  Unfortunately, there's no available nurse to administer so the health worker advised us to come back next week. 

That's the hassle of taking advantage a free vaccine in your local health center. They don't have announcement beforehand so even if you're dead-tired, you don't have a choice, not even the right to complain. So, Dad and I decided, of course, to come back next friday. 

So, to take advantage the opportunity to be outside, Dad and I decided to replenish kids' vitamins and Mama Josie's (my mom) milk.  We bought the following: 

Jaja's vitamins

Ates' vitamins

Mama Josie's milk

Unfortunately, I wrongly picked Mama Josie's milk.  There should be "gold" in it because she's over 50.  Tsk tsk That's why it is really not advisable not to bring a list and do emergency shopping. 


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