How Do We Establish Nap Schedule

According to Dr. Karp, a world-renowned pediatrician, most babies are ready to switch from two naps to one between 8 and 12 months. But, it’s not at all unusual for the transition to take two to three weeks, with your baby needing just one nap on some days and two on other days. Once the one-nap routine is established, you’ll probably notice that the nap occurs around midday and that your baby is ready for night sleeping 30 to 40 minutes earlier than before.

To smooth this transition, he recommends a consistent nap routine with three steps:
1) Try to be home at nap time;
2) Have a gentle wind-down (like a short, peaceful massage and cozy feeding); and
3) Use comfort cues, like rumbly white noise (as loud as a shower, to cover distracting sounds), a pacifier, and/or a small blankie or soft lovey.

By the way, to help your little one sleep through teething, growth spurts, and all the other disturbances that can upset a great sleeping schedule, he strongly recommend using a CD of rumbly white noise for all sleep – naps and nights – for at least the first year.


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