Divisoria Trip: Accompany In-laws to Buy School Supplies

Today, we went to Divisoria to accompany my in-laws to buy school supplies. I've decided not to buy kids their school supplies and just wait for the list from the school. 

The place is not really crowded, yun nga lang sobrang init. And, the funny thing is...my father in-law is laging nag-aaya na pumasok sa mall, even if the best buys are found outside. 

Syempre, since I am in Divisoria, I can't help myself to buy pa din. So, here's what I bought for kids...and me:

Php 200/each
And, it comes with a free shopping bag: 

Php 120/each

Medyo namamahalan ako sa pencil case. Meron talaga akong gusto for them, and it costs Php 65 kaya lang they don't like it, that's why I bought the mechanical pencil case above. 

Pencils Php 5/each, Sharpener Php 15/each, Eraser Php 10/each

Naku, nagkagulo pa kami sa price ng eraser. Nung tinanong ko yung pinaka-boss nila, he said na it only costs Php 10/each, pero nun magbabayad na kami, naging Php 20 isa. So, pinilit ko yung unang price, and guess what...I've got what I want! hehe

Panty Php 100/pack (5 pcs/pack)
Socks Php 50/each (3pcs/bundle)
Php 100/3pcs

Sorry, kulang ng isa, hindi ko na kasi mahanap, maybe nilabhan na ni Dads. hehehe

Php 50

Php 30

Php 30

Then, at around 12pm, my father in-law, decided to have lunch na. We dined at Baliwag Barbeque Restaurant.

The service, ambiance, and lechon manok is ok. We also ordered pork sisig na lumalangoy sa mantika and parang nakakatakot kainin. hehe However, the taste is ok and masarap naman. The price is also reasonable for 8 persons. 


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