Anti-Abuse Ad Shows Different Images to Parents and Kids

The internet was abuzz yesterday with news of this Anti-abuse ad from the Anar Foundation in Spain. As friend after friend shared this article, I had to check it out for myself. The ad uses lenticular images to show one picture to parents of a certain height, and an entirely different image and message to kids 10 and under.

I have to admit it, the ad is pretty amazing. The images of the boy with a bloody lip and a bruised jaw are heartbreaking and I love the phone number in bold print to teach kids to call for help if they need it. And while I hope kids never need it, many do.

But like the Gizmodo article mentions, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before advertisers with not so noble intentions pick up on this technology and start using it to sell to our kids. And I am definitely not happy about the idea that my child could be walking around getting pitched 24/7 without my knowledge or even the ability to see what they are seeing.

Part of me just wants to marvel at the ad and how much help they can provide to children who are scared and unsure of how to ask for help. Still, another part of me who has grown into something of a cynic, just sees this being warped to meet the needs of a corporate bottom line. And such is the battle we fight as parents.

It’s a fascinating development though, and I will be watching to see what comes of it. If you haven’t seen the video for this moving ad, check it out.

Do you think this technology is genius or trouble in the making?

Source: Baby Center


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