AJ's Baptismal

Last Sunday, May 5th, Khryss (my officemate and friend) went to Shakey's Makati Ave. to welcome my officemate and friend's, Belle, baby to the Christian World.  I am not able to use my cam because I got overwhelmed with the Photobooth. 

with Belle, Baby AJ, and Khryss
with D-A, and Kuya Celfs
with Khryss and Bobit
with RDC (Reader's Digest Canada) Family
I am thinking to have a Photobooth on Alodia's Baptismal and Birthday Party, however, I think it's pricey and, according to Belle, they've paid corkage fee to have it on the location.

The Souvenir, side view

The Souvenir, top view
I'll start to scout for better-deals for Alodia's Big Day... I only have 2 months...yay!


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