Preparing for an Interview

This is the worst part of being unemployed. Well, I am not literally out of job, our account has been pulled-out so we need to be transferred to different accounts. 

Part of being accepted to other account, you need to undergo different kinds of interview. And, this is what I am preparing for right now. 

In the call center industry, one of the most challenging issues is handling different customers – irate customers, offensive customers and defensive customers.
Therefore, the call center job interview will focus on your experience/skill in handling all kinds of callers.

The employer desires to hire employees who can demonstrate basic call center skills for their demanding customer base.
Preparing and practicing your answers to possible interview questions is a key for passing this upcoming call center interview.

This tips provides call center job interview questions, answers and interview tips from Call Center Interview Site.

Common call center entry level interview questions
  • What are the main objectives of Call Centers and Customer Service employees?
  • How would you maintain customer satisfaction when dealing with an annoyed client?
  • What is the procedure to be followed when speaking with a customer?
  • What are your computer skills?
Answering these questions: 
Questions posed in an interview for a call center will not only rely on experience but also the way one support a customer.
Therefore, the answers should highlight the main goal of a call center, which is to keep the customer satisfied.

Behavioral based interview questions and answer
There is no job interview without competency based questions.
Standard questions during a job interview for a call center will focus on the way one handles tough customers (or offensive customer) complaints.
Your answers will enable the interviewer to evaluate your customer service competencies:

  • How do you handle an offensive customer? Have you ever experienced a call from a very angry customer? Can you describe the situation and outcome? Has a customer ever asked for your supervisor?
  • What if the customer does not understand your advice? If you have a caller who has trouble understanding your directions, what would you do?
  • Have you ever disconnected a call from an angry customer because you were upset or offended?
  • Have you ever not been able to help a customer? Can you please explain?
  • Can you give an example of when you went the extra mile for a customer?
  • What would you do when you cannot help a customer?
  • Have you ever joined with a team member or asked for assistance from a team member to help a customer?
Tips on answering these behavioral questions: 
Short stories of past calls will be expected as well as some possible role playing scenarios.
Your answers to these behavioral questions will demonstrate the way you respond to stressful situations.
Focus on your most positive outcomes during the worst situations. If you have some interesting calls that did not finish positively, you can relate one, and emphasize what you learned from it. Begin and end with the positive or complimentary examples..

As you respond to these job interview questions, explain how your call center skills allow you to handle tough situations.
For example, you would like the customer to give you some insight into the product’s bugs/problems so that you can increase the service level. First defuse the customer’s anger by listening. Show that you heard by repeating the problem back, using different wording, and getting a “yes – that is the problem” response. Thaw will place your customer on the  “yes” track and off the “no” mindset. Then present solutions.

Hope the tips above will help you. Well, it actually focuses in a call center industry since I currently working in the industry, but somehow, I know that a lot of mommies will learn from this. 

Right now, I am just asking for prayers for wisdom. I've never done an interview for 4 years now so I am also asking a lot of Good Luck!!!


Updated:I am Bothered


Hello, mums! Sorry if I took a long time to update you what have been bothering me last week. 

What happened was: I've learned that my supervisor endorsed to me for DEF (termination).  At that time, I can't explain what I am feeling... I have a lot of questions, however, I kept silent (and as if nothing happened)and wait for the day that my supervisor will ask to go on a meeting to discuss it. 

A week has passed, and good news: it was never served! When my supervisor asked for my senior manager to comment for my DEF, (I don't know what my manager replied), but, again, it was never served.

Maybe it's because that the account I am working with (by the working in a BPO, in layman's term: call center) will be dissolved, or should I say: have been dissolved.

Honestly, I don't want to talk about it, or even ask for answers, I am quite happy now that it has not been served and I can still work with my current company. 

Since I've mentioned that my current has been dissolved, I am now more focus on my interviews for my new account. I am asking for your prayers so I may find an account for me as soon as possible. 

Before I go, I want to thank those people who makes me strong and make me forget that I'm not in a position to laugh, these people who I call "friends"... Once again, THANK YOU, MGA BEBEsss....


Always Believe


Source: Mommy Fleur

Jaja's Milestone: She can now speak "A-te"

Well, hindi lang naman "A-te" ang kaya nyang sabihin (walang yabang!) hehe She can now also say: Mama, Daddy, Tatug (Tatu palang, kasi hindi nya pa mabigkas yung letter "g"), Papi, of course, ate. Kaya lang, sorry for me, kasi nahihirapan din sya sa Mommy, when we asked her to pronounced "Mommy" she said, "Mimi". It's ok, kasi for sure, paglaki nya, like her mga ate, "Mommy (or Moms)" will be her most common word!

Watch her below: 

Divisoria Trip: Accompany In-laws to Buy School Supplies

Today, we went to Divisoria to accompany my in-laws to buy school supplies. I've decided not to buy kids their school supplies and just wait for the list from the school. 

The place is not really crowded, yun nga lang sobrang init. And, the funny thing father in-law is laging nag-aaya na pumasok sa mall, even if the best buys are found outside. 

Syempre, since I am in Divisoria, I can't help myself to buy pa din. So, here's what I bought for kids...and me:

Php 200/each
And, it comes with a free shopping bag: 

Php 120/each

Medyo namamahalan ako sa pencil case. Meron talaga akong gusto for them, and it costs Php 65 kaya lang they don't like it, that's why I bought the mechanical pencil case above. 

Pencils Php 5/each, Sharpener Php 15/each, Eraser Php 10/each

Naku, nagkagulo pa kami sa price ng eraser. Nung tinanong ko yung pinaka-boss nila, he said na it only costs Php 10/each, pero nun magbabayad na kami, naging Php 20 isa. So, pinilit ko yung unang price, and guess what...I've got what I want! hehe

Panty Php 100/pack (5 pcs/pack)
Socks Php 50/each (3pcs/bundle)
Php 100/3pcs

Sorry, kulang ng isa, hindi ko na kasi mahanap, maybe nilabhan na ni Dads. hehehe

Php 50

Php 30

Php 30

Then, at around 12pm, my father in-law, decided to have lunch na. We dined at Baliwag Barbeque Restaurant.

The service, ambiance, and lechon manok is ok. We also ordered pork sisig na lumalangoy sa mantika and parang nakakatakot kainin. hehe However, the taste is ok and masarap naman. The price is also reasonable for 8 persons. 

Finish Strong


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I Am Bothered


I will not go into details as of now, basta I am bothered on what will happen... I don't know what to do and I can't even tell it to my hubby because I don't want him to be bothered as well. I'll just cross the bridge when I get there. 

I want to clear my mind today and remove baggages. I'll be positive and I know everything happens for a reason, and God will not allow bad things to happen that I don't deserve. I trust him. I am hoping that he gives me strength and wisdom to surpass whatever bad things that will come my way. 

I've told this to one of my friends at work...and, she doesn't comment at all since she doesn't know what to say. This is why I am lost. 

Don't worry, I'll keep you posted once every thing turned well...or not. I just don't want to elaborate as of now...


Chemical in Common Plastics Said to Raise Blood Pressure in Children

Keeping children healthy and active may help offset the effects of phthalates.

Phthalates are chemical additives commonly found in plastic containers. Colorless and odorless, they were previously considered harmless. However, reports that researchers from NYU Langone Medical Center, University of Washington, and Penn State University School of Medicine have found that some phthalates may threaten the cardiovascular health of  children and teens.

The six-year study analyzed data from approximately 3,000 participants. Urine samples were tested for phthalates, and other information such as age, race, body mass indexes, caloric intake, and activity levels were taken into account.

The results showed that "every three-fold increase in the level of breakdown products of DEHP (di-2-ethyhexylphthalate, a kind of phthalate) in urine correlated with a roughly one-millimeter mercury increase in a child's blood pressure."

While  it's hard to live completely without plastic, there are precautions parents can take to lower the risks. They can opt to use glass bottles whenever possible, keep their children's diet well-balanced, and encourage them do sports and to join extra-curricular activities to keep them in good shape.

The Oldest Active Gymnast in the World


This 87-year-old lady, Johanna Quaas, sure isn’t your ordinary senior citizen. She’s an 11-time Senior Champion of artistic gymnastics in Germany, and even at her age, she can still beat gymnasts who are way younger than her. 

Check out her impressive parallel bars routine below: 

Always Remember


Source: Dave's Words of Wisdom

My Favorite Summer Experience

I was a wife of an OFW (Overseas Fiilipino Worker)for 5 years. It means that I haven't got the chance to go out-of-town with kids, aside from the fact that I can't get a long vacation at work. 

So far, my favorite summer experience was when we went to Coolwave in Bulacan. We went there with my brother, my mom, of course, and with Himor family:

We definitely had so much fun.  Because when we usually go to a summer outing, Nanay Melda, always want to go home at around 2pm.  However, this time, we stayed until 5pm. Hassle nga lang yung pwesto namin since malapit kami sa sirena ng wave so may mga gulat moment, but everything went well. 

In line with this, Nuffnang Philippines is giving away GC’s worth PHP 2,500 from Native Shoes! 

For more information, you may visit them here

Winners will be announced on June 24, 2013 (2:00 PM).
Good luck!


News: Oklahoma Mom Endures Labor as Tornado Destroys Hospital

The tornado that touched down in the city of Moore, Oklahoma this week left utter devastation in its path. As the violent wind outside crumbled buildings and flattened homes, 25-year-old mom Shayla Taylor lay in a hospital bed in the midst of active labor.

Shayla was dilated to nearly 9 centimeters as the tornado barreled its way directly toward the Moore Medical Center. The room “shook like an earthquake,” she recalls, and ceiling tiles dropped to the ground. “We were all just sitting there holding each other’s hands and praying.”

The building found itself in the eye of the storm, its roof and walls ripped open by the tornado that left an entire town destroyed: “All of a sudden I could see daylight and the wall was gone,” says Shayla, who is also mom to 4-year-old son Shaiden. “I look out and I see I-35 and part of the Warren theater.”

Staff at the Moore Medical Center gave her a shot in hopes of slowing her labor so that she could be carefully transferred to another hospital nearby. It was there that Shayla and her husband Jerome Taylor welcomed their second son, Braeden Immanuel, who ended up being born via c-section at 8lbs 3oz.

“His middle name means ‘God is with us,’” the mom-of-two reveals. “The name had been picked out for months. Now I know why.”

Though the couple have no idea where their car ended up – it had been parked outside the hospital the last time they saw it – their home is thankfully intact.

Living in “Tornado Alley,” Shayla says she’s gotten used to the storms that pass through, but admits that this experience has left her rattled: “The tornadoes always track through here. It’s not to say everybody’s going to pack and leave tomorrow, but they start to reconsider things.”

Talk about a birth story for the ages. It’s sometimes easy to forget that in the midst of complete chaos – earthquakes and tsunamis, tornadoes and war zones – babies are being born. Though it must be absolutely terrifying, it also seems a small symbol of hope, a reminder that life marches on even in the face of such destruction.

A big congratulations to the Taylor family on their new addition.

Source: Baby Center

News: Georgina Wilson Apologizes for Her Tweet about Joseph Estrada

The popular model says that her comment about the former president's voters was made four years ago.

Model Georgina Wilson has finally spoken up after she made headlines for branding the voters of former president and now Manila Mayor-elect Joseph “Erap” Estrada as “f***ing idiots.”

“Ugh i hate politics - but I only have one thing to say: Anyone that votes for Erap is a f***ing idiot," read her tweet, which was earlier thought by netizens to be deleted. reports that Georgina sent an email to the website’s managing editor Karen Pagsolingan on the evening of May 22 saying that her post about the returning politician was an old one that was not concerned with the recently held 2013 elections.

“I would like to clarify the details of a tweet I posted regarding former President Joseph Ejercito Estrada. The tweet was written 4 years ago in 2009 at a time when I was still studying at University in Australia. It is in no way connected to the recently concluded elections. The original post is still in my twitter timeline," she had written.

Despite this, Georgina still apologized to the Estrada family especially since Erap’s children Jake and Jerika Ejercito had reacted negatively to her remark.

"I fully understand the responsibilities that come with being part of this industry. I know my words were insensitive and hurtful but I feel it is not fair that it has been taken out of context," she said.

Rosels Mom Diary on Bloglovin

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My Very First Post

Hi, mommies! I am a 20-something spoiled wife and a mom of three Rosels namely: Alvynne Rosel, Antionelle Rosel, and Alodia Rosel.  

I am currently working in a BPM industry as a Customer Care Representative for a Canadian magazine.

I love reading blogs about motherhood.  This is why I've decided to create one.  In addition, I want you (my readers) to feel the anger, frustrations, passions, or enthusiasm I feel and the commitment I have to my blogging efforts.

What I'll be blogging about?  This blog will be my personal online diary; rants and raves, perks and perils, of a wife and being a working mom. 

Commenting and suggestions are highly appreciated.  I encourage you (my dear readers) to leave notes, disagree, or even criticize.  Feel free to do so by leaving footprints on the comment box. 


How Do We Establish Nap Schedule

According to Dr. Karp, a world-renowned pediatrician, most babies are ready to switch from two naps to one between 8 and 12 months. But, it’s not at all unusual for the transition to take two to three weeks, with your baby needing just one nap on some days and two on other days. Once the one-nap routine is established, you’ll probably notice that the nap occurs around midday and that your baby is ready for night sleeping 30 to 40 minutes earlier than before.

To smooth this transition, he recommends a consistent nap routine with three steps:
1) Try to be home at nap time;
2) Have a gentle wind-down (like a short, peaceful massage and cozy feeding); and
3) Use comfort cues, like rumbly white noise (as loud as a shower, to cover distracting sounds), a pacifier, and/or a small blankie or soft lovey.

By the way, to help your little one sleep through teething, growth spurts, and all the other disturbances that can upset a great sleeping schedule, he strongly recommend using a CD of rumbly white noise for all sleep – naps and nights – for at least the first year.

Taming The Before-School Tantrum

Do you have kids who throw terrible tantrum every morning about getting ready for school? My answer is Yes! No matter how lovingly I start waking her up, she ignores me. Even though I’m polite, it always ends in tears and scolding and a lot of screaming, after which she promptly jumps out to go to school when her sundo arrives.

The first thing I consider is if she is getting enough sleep at night. If she has trouble settling down, I make sure to avoid giving her sugar or caffeine after 3PM.

At some point children need to learn the consequences of getting up late. I remember one morning I only gave the wake up call once.  Of course, my sleepy one stayed in bed. When she finally got up because we were making noise and had the lights on, she realized that she was going to be late for a class trip. I’ve never seen her get ready so quickly.

Second, I pick a day when my daughter might miss a big event and just let her feel what it’s like to be late for something fun. This isn’t a full on fix for the problem, but she will realize the consequences of being late.

Another approach is to make her late for a birthday party with your own lollygagging. Let her see what its like to be held up by someone else’s procrastination. When she complains you can have the fun of pointing out the obvious.

As she gets older, make it her responsibility to get herself up and dressed in the morning. She will soon realize that being late for school has a huge downside – being marked tardy (3 tardies equals an unexcused absence in our school) and missing the social time before class starts.
Some kids are natural born night owls and really struggle to adapt to a conventional schedule. But adapt they must so keep trying!

Crocs Megasale 2013

Are you ready for the BIGGEST Crocs event of the year?

The Crocs Megasale 2013 is back with up to 90% off at the NBC Tent from May 31 to June 2, 10am to 8pm. Spread the word and use the hashtag #Megasale2013 on Twitter :)

Cash payment and all major credit cards are accepted. Free entrance for all Citibank cardholders, and P50 entrance fee for non-Citi shoppers.

Source: Crocs Philippines

Winnings: Ako'y Isang Mabuting Pilipino (I am a Good Filipino)

Yes, you've read it right.  I've won again.  And this time, it is a book called"Ako'y Isang Mabuting Pilipino" (I am a Good Filipino). 

I love to read and follow blogs, most especially about Motherhood, and one of the perks is joining their giveaways and to have a chance to win.  Absolutely Mommy once held a give-away and by sending her the traits you want to teach your kids, you'll have the chance to win this: 

Another, Yes, you saw it right!  I won the said giveaway and it arrived yesterday! The kids got really excited. And, once I've opened it, they cant wait to read it:

Unfortunately, I was not able to have a look at the book when it arrived, since I am already preparing for work.  So, I'll post my review some other day. 

Of course, in the meantime, I would like to thank Absolutely Mommy for this giveaway and have a chance to grab a copy of this book.

Motivation Tuesday

My rest days are Sunday and Monday, so Tuesday is the first day I come to work.  And, to motivate me, I've decided to have a segment called "Motivation Tuesday". 

As it defined, I've decided to have this to motivate me to come to work.  So, for my very first post...

Anti-Abuse Ad Shows Different Images to Parents and Kids

The internet was abuzz yesterday with news of this Anti-abuse ad from the Anar Foundation in Spain. As friend after friend shared this article, I had to check it out for myself. The ad uses lenticular images to show one picture to parents of a certain height, and an entirely different image and message to kids 10 and under.

I have to admit it, the ad is pretty amazing. The images of the boy with a bloody lip and a bruised jaw are heartbreaking and I love the phone number in bold print to teach kids to call for help if they need it. And while I hope kids never need it, many do.

But like the Gizmodo article mentions, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before advertisers with not so noble intentions pick up on this technology and start using it to sell to our kids. And I am definitely not happy about the idea that my child could be walking around getting pitched 24/7 without my knowledge or even the ability to see what they are seeing.

Part of me just wants to marvel at the ad and how much help they can provide to children who are scared and unsure of how to ask for help. Still, another part of me who has grown into something of a cynic, just sees this being warped to meet the needs of a corporate bottom line. And such is the battle we fight as parents.

It’s a fascinating development though, and I will be watching to see what comes of it. If you haven’t seen the video for this moving ad, check it out.

Do you think this technology is genius or trouble in the making?

Source: Baby Center

Happy Mother's Day, Aling Josie!

The hardest job in the world is being a mom... no holidays, no promotions, no raise, and no day-offs... BUT it is by far the best job.  

"Happy Mother's Day, Mama! Thank you for loving me, my husband, and my siblings.  Thank you for taking care of us...most especially my kids.  I can't imagine my life without you. I Love You, Ma! May you always stay healthy!" 

Aling Josie, my mum

Mi Familia with Mama

On behalf of my husband, I would like also to greet his 2 mothers: Mama Belen and Mama Neng.  "Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for everything!" 

Lastly, Happy Mother's Day to me and to the mums around the world! 


Raising a Good Kid: How Much Control Do We Have?

It seems lately that every time I turn on the computer, another awful thing has happened.  (I haven’t watched the news since before my kids were born.)  It can be incredibly overwhelming.

More often than not, I find my mind wandering to the fact that these people -the ones who bully, steal, rape, kill – are someone’s children.  There was a time when they were sweet faced with chubby cheeks, asking for their mama to give them one more turn on the swing, the slide or some other activity on the playground.  They ran around in their diaper, smiled at strangers and played make-believe games with their friends, siblings or classmates.

Then what happened?

For most criminals, we’ll never really know and that’s what scares me.  No one thinks there little one will grow up to be a not so nice person.

So my question is this – is there any way to ensure we raise a “good” kid?

I’ve thought about this before, several years ago, before my daughter was even born. Now, with three kids, I find myself thinking about it so much more.  It starts as my mind wanders to questions like “What will he be like when he’s a teenager?  Will she like to dance and act like her mommy or will she be more athletic like her dad?”  Those thoughts can quickly change to “Oh, please let them be nice kids. Please. Please. Please.”

Of course, I truly do believe that they’ll be good kids.  My husband and I are doing our very best to ensure they are respectful of others, have good manners, and generally nice people.  It’s something you have to reiterate from the time they are small until they are out of your home.

I came across a great article from last year that talks about things to emphasize or consider as you’re raising your kids. It talks about making sure you still have fun with your family even in the midst of trying to teach valuable life lessons.

We all want this.  We want sweet, polite, smart, wonderful children who turn into sweet, polite, smart, wonderful adults.

I hope with all my heart that we all get what we want.

Source: Baby Center

Kim Kardashian bikini bump: You call this fat?

Mom-to-be Kim Kardashian dared to bare her bump during a recent vacation to the Greek island of Mykonos, showing off her pregnancy curves as she hit the beach in a tiny string bikini.

US Weekly‘s current cover features a swimsuit shot of the beautiful reality star, who is expecting her first child with her boyfriend Kanye West in July. “You Call This Fat?” the headline asks, a reference to the near constant criticism that Kim has faced since she first started showing early this year.

“Kim Kardashian: Baby Fat Or Fat, Baby!?”
“Kim Kardashian: Dumped for Being Fat!”
“Pregnant Kim Kardashian: Fat in Muumuu Photos”

That’s just a sample of the harsh headlines from recent weeks.

The often cruel media attention has prompted some famous faces to come to Kim’s defense – including none other than Gloria Steinem, who said, “Our bodies are never public property under any circumstance. It’s wrong, and people in the street who feel the right to touch a pregnant woman’s belly ought to be arrested for harassment…. If our bodies are treated as ornaments instead of instruments, that’s because we are rebelling because it’s an effort to distract us.”

Arrested for harassment? I was never a big fan of people stroking my baby bump, but I wasn’t about to press charges over it. I do agree, though, that all the negative attention to the size of a woman’s pregnant belly is unnecessary and harmful. Pregnancy is about so much more than the number on a scale.

Now into her third trimester, Kim seems to finally be embracing her pregnancy: “She’s loving the seventh month,” a source tells US. “And she thinks pregnancy is so cute.”

What do you think?

Source: Baby Center

Teen Mom’s Photo Banned from High School Year Book

Seventeen-year-old Caitlin Tiller will be graduating from high school this year, just a couple of months after her son celebrated his 1st birthday. But unlike her classmates at North Carolina’s Wheatmore High School, Caitlin won’t have a photo in the year book to look back on.

When it came time for students to pose for their year end pictures, they were asked to bring something that best represents them. Caitlin brought her baby boy. “He helped me get to where I am today,” the teen mom, who graduated months early despite working 30 hours per week, explained to a local TV station. “I wouldn’t be the person I am today without him.”

She was informed two days before the book was to be printed that if she wanted to be included in the annual she would need to provide an alternate photo. Though district administrators have explained the decision by saying that portraits shouldn’t include “an extension of the family” (a policy that apparently didn’t extend to family pets), Caitlin says school staff told her that the real reason the picture was banned is that officials worried that it would “promote teen pregnancy.”

Though the school has said that the decision is final and the book is now being printed, Caitlin’s own mom Karen Morgan hopes that they have a change of heart if and when they’re faced with this situation again: “She took responsibility,” she notes of her daughter. “They should be proud that the students are willing to stay in school graduate and make something of themselves and not try and hide it.”

What do you think: Do you agree with the school’s decision to ask Caitlin for a different photo? Or should the picture that included her son have been accepted?

Source: Baby Center

Study: Mom's Saliva May Prevent Kids’ Eczema and Asthma

Have you ever cleaned your kid’s pacifier by sucking on it? A new study in Pediatrics found that it just might help prevent your little one from developing allergies.

Researchers at Queen Silvia Children's Hospital in Gothenburg, Sweden studied over 180 babies. They found that infants whose parent cleaned their pacifiers by sucking on them were much less likely to develop asthma and eczema by 18 months than babies whose mom or dad didn’t use the method.  Eczema, but not asthma, continued at the lower rates for these tots at 36 months.

"The most exciting result was the eczema," Christine Johnson, chair of the public health department at Detroit's Henry Ford Hospital, told NBC News.  "I'm a bit more skeptical about the asthma findings because asthma is hard to measure before a child is five or six years old."