My Sister's Birthday

Last friday, April 26th, we celebrated Jovel's (my kids call her Tatug, please don't ask why because my sister asked my daughters to do so with no reason at all hehehe) 25th birthday. Unfortunately, I was not able to eat much because my stomach still gets upset every time I eat more (sigh) or should I say my regular appetite. 

I would like to thank my cousin, Len-len, to make this celebration possible, and of course, to my Mom, who cooked our all-time fave Spaghetti (sweet-style). 

My sister and her birthday cake.
Tatug with Cedie (cousin Len's son) and my Rosels: Bong, Bang, and Jaja
Anyway, I just want to wish her a very happy birthday (even if it's late), and I hope that her wishes do come true (parang fairy-tale lang ang peg). "Have a great year ahead, sis!"


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