Remembering Loved Ones On Easter

"I miss Papa." When he's alive, every Good Friday, we always go to Divine Mercy and do Station of the Cross. Nagbabaon kami ng foods, it's like having picnic after praying, ang dating. My father always make a point na may bonding kami every Holy Week when he's on vacation. Unfortunately, he passed away two (2) years ago. And, we never had the time to do this because of our work schedule, etc.

I am hoping that next year we may be able to do this, and to the coming years. As Mama said, this is one of my father's legacy.

You may find below the pictures when we went to Divine Mercy in Bulacan when Papa was still alive:

Papa and Mama

The Gang (from left to right): Tatay Leon, Mama, Papi, Papa, Tito Lads (ooops! soon-to-be Daddy Lads), Your Truly (Mimi), Kikay, and Negra
In front: Tita Jacq, Ate One, and Ate Two

Tsibugan Time!!!

Of course, my moment! :D

"Station of the Cross"

"Thirst Quencher"

Of course, we had fun while walking in a very hot and sticky afternoon. Happy Easter!


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